Syndercombe Consulting is an organisation of coaches, facilitators and trainers who support organisations, their leaders and their employees in their transformation to become sustainability-centric organisations, i.e. organisations that think, act and govern in a sustainable way.

We support their transformation into organisations with a strong CSR DNA, capable of having a positive impact on the environment and communities, and with a strong business model that enables all stakeholders to prosper.

We help them to:

  • Develop a NEW LEADERSHIP that engages and motivates employees
  • Implement a vision using a SYSTEMIC APPROACH
  • Develop COLLABORATIVE RELATIONS internally and externally
  • Accelerate implementation with an ACTION-ORIENTED APPROACH


We work with an ecosystem of experts who have varied and complementary skills. These experienced facilitators and certified coaches from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) are chosen for their expertise, experience and commitment to making a positive impact for future generations.

Jacqui Syndercombe

She helps individuals, managers and their employees, in French and English, to co-create and implement their CSR initiatives and to sustainably change their behaviour and mindset. She helps them to unlock their own potential and skills, to learn to collaborate effectively together and to test a diversity of ideas and solutions that enable them to prepare and adapt sustainably to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

With over 25 years’ experience in finance and administration roles – working with diverse communities and cultures in South Africa, the UK, France, Brazil and Angola – Jacqui has worked in roles that combine systemic and relationship-based team coaching, systems theory, regenerative leadership principles and change management theories to help teams in international and local organisations thrive and prosper.


Coach en leadership

Andrew Prior

Andrew has a strong passion for accompanying and supporting leaders and their teams in their transformation journey of becoming more of who they really are.  He has  in-depth experience of holistic leadership development and team coaching that increases self and systemic awareness.  He supports individuals, managers and their teams in French, English and Spanish in the co-creation and implementation of their development and transformation processes.

With over 30 years’ experience in the roles of communications engineer, programme and product manager, digital transformation leader and leadership and innovation consultant – he has worked in the UK, France, Africa, the Middle East, the USA, Spain, Germany and Russia – Andrew has worked in roles that combine systemic team coaching and regenerative leadership principles.