We coach and train leaders and their teams


Objective: Coaching leaders to unlock and unleash their leadership potential, increase their impact and improve their relationships with all their stakeholders

Using experiential learning, you will:

  • Find your best energy to become a more effective, fulfilled and confident Leader
  • Leverage skills and competencies and develop the leadership capacity in others
  • Build strong, collaborative relationships with your staff and other stakeholders
  • Create strong employee engagement and deliver sustainable results
  • Use conflict effectively and use it to stimulate innovation

For who: Managers and employees

Duration:  Number of individual sessions of one hour and the timeline to be agreed on at the beginning of the contract (Minimum 8 sessions over a period of 3 months).

Objective: to help you understand how your behaviour impacts others in your work and personal life and enable you to intentionally build stronger collaborative relationships and find more joy and fulfilment in your professional and personal life.

You will:

  • Understand behaviours which help and those which hinder you in building strong relationships
  • Gain an understanding of your ecosystem and the dynamics within it
  • Learn how to use conflict effectively
  • Learn how to communicate more effectively
  • Gain confidence and assurance in your own abilities.

For who: Managers and employees

Duration:  Number of individual sessions of one hour and the timeline to be agreed on at the beginning of the contract (Minimum 8 sessions over a period of 3 months).

Objective: To help you move from “business as usual” mind-set to feeling a sense of empowerment and joy in being able to implement sustainability objectives into your daily functions.

You will:

  • Gain an understanding of your values and your vision for the future and align them with those of your daily functions
  • Identify responsible and sustainable business and personal goals to maximise your impact
  • Gain the courage to discuss effectively and objectively your ideas and understand other people’s perspectives
  • Find allies within your workplace
  • Notice limiting beliefs and habits and unveil relationship dynamics
  • Unveil hidden opportunities in current challenges
  • Stay focused on your business and personal objectives

For who: Managers and employees

Duration:  Number of individual sessions of one hour and the timeline to be agreed on at the beginning of the contract (Minimum 8 sessions over a period of 3 months).


Objective: Clarification of your team ecosystem and its internal and external dynamics and preparing for future challenges.

What you will gain for each of the suggested workshops:

  • Stakeholder Mapping – identify your key internal and external stakeholders
  • Appreciative Inquiry – leverage your successes and what’s already working for you and amplify them across your projects or daily work
  • Future foresight – look for and recognise the signs of trends which are emerging
  • Social Presencing Theatre – SPT can reveal insights for individuals, team, organizations, and larger social systems. It is one of the most important and effective methods developed by the Presencing Institute. This is not “theater” in the conventional sense, but uses simple body postures, movements, and spatial design to dissolve limiting concepts, to communicate directly, to access intuition, and to make visible both current realities, and the deeper–often invisible–leverage points for creating profound change.

For whom: Team Leads and their teams (up to 8 people)

Duration: Full day or half day workshop

These are some suggested workshops. 

We can tailor them according to your needs.

Objective: Co-creating psychological safety and trust in your teams by co-establishing the ground rules for engagement and enabling effective relationships for implementing change.

What you will gain for each workshop:

  • 360 team assessment – you and your team will identify where you would most benefit from focussing your energy to developing each individual and the team as a whole in service of the organisation and all its stakeholders
  • Building Team Foundations – co-creation of the rules of engagement, develop active listening and build trust and psychological safety in your team
  • Conflict Management and toxic behaviours – understanding your individual and collective dynamics and how you can change relationships by changing the way your team reacts and interacts with all its stakeholders

For whom :  Managers and their teams (up to 8 people)

Duration: Full day or half day workshop

Objective:   A process by which we work with your whole team, both when you are together and when you are apart.  We help you improve your collective performance and how you work together, developing your collective leadership to more effectively engage with all your key stakeholder groups to jointly transform your wider business.

You and your team will be able to:

  • Re-frame and enhance the way your team relates to and serves your business environment; placing as much emphasis on how you function internally as to how you lead change with your stakeholders.
  • Build your collective leadership and co-create value in your engagement with your stakeholders.
  • Recognise and understand the biggest challenges are lying in the connections between individuals, teams or even departments
  • Represent the whole team effectively when you engage with the team’s stakeholders.
  • Build and role model the above skills which your team implement across your organisation

Depending on your needs, generally the program would include:

  • Interviews or 360 Team Connect Assessments to understand the context
  • Identification of challenges
  • Co-design of program
  • Implementation of the coaching program
  • Review and anchoring the the learning

For whom: Team Leads and their teams (max 8 people per coach)

Duration – 3 to 12 months depending on the number of interventions required.


Objective: Ask yourself fundamental questions, clarify your existing strategy and integrate a « CSR* centric » strategy that is in line with your organisation’s values.

Our programme: Our interactive coaching and training workshops will enable you and your employees to:

  • co-create a roadmap in line with your ambitions,
  • implement your vision and
  • respect the three pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – ecological, societal and economic.

For whom :  Executive team (up to 8 people per coach)

Duration: 2 day workshop

*Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is defined by the European Commission as the voluntary integration by companies of social and environmental concerns into their commercial activities and their relations with stakeholders. In other words, CSR is the contribution made by companies to the challenges of sustainable development. A company practising CSR will therefore seek to have a positive impact on society while remaining economically viable.

Objective: Train you and your teams in new ways of leading that are tailored to your sustainability ambitions.

What you will gain from the training:

  • More conscious management style
  • Unlocking the natural leadership potential in your teams
  • Clear roles and responsibilities of each individual and the team as a whole
  • Greater autonomy and collaboration
  • Clear objective setting
  • Continued learning and development
  • Gain in time and resources

For whom: Team Managers and leaders

Duration: To be defined.

Objective: To build a strategy that is aligned with your organisation’s vision and values.  It includes all internal stakeholders in the development of the strategy and helps them take into account the internal and external elements of the organisation.

You will be able to :

  • anticipate and plan for the needs of all stakeholders
  • generate a diversity of ideas and new perspectives
  • harness in-house skills to find the answers
  • disseminate the strategy throughout the organisation
  • retain and attract new talent
  • embed resilience into your organisation

For whom: Managers (up to 8 people per coach)

Duration: To be defined.

Objective: To help your people gain awareness of the challenges facing the world and your organisation today.  When your employees are aligned with your organisation’s objectives and can implement diverse solutions into their daily jobs, you gain a powerful force for embedding sustainable change in your organisation.

What you will gain in:

1st 4 hour workshop:

  • Understanding the important planetary systems which maintain life on earth
  • Identifying your organisation’s impacts
  • Aligning with the organisation’s objectives
  • Identifying changes each of your employees can bring into their jobs
  • Developing a roadmap for change

2nd 4 hour workshop:

  • Debriefing on sustainability roadmap implementation experience
  • What’s worked well? What are the challenges faced?  What collaboration synergies can be identified?
  • Mobilising your external stakeholders
  • Identifying next steps

For who: Managers and employees  (up to 12 people)

Duration:  2 x 3 hour workshops

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Objective: Gain an understanding of different types of meetings and how to extract the collective wisdom of your teams. You will learn how to optimise resources, make better decisions and improve your, and your team’s, leadership effectiveness.

For whom: Any team lead or manager

Duration: half day

Objective: Co-create rules of engagement with all your stakeholders.  By doing this upfront, you will reduce micro management, address conflict management, potentially contract for remote work and general conditions of working

For whom: All team leads

Duration: Half day workshop

Objective: This workshop will help you understand individual and collective dynamics so that you can find your voice and choose to interact differently with your stakeholders to effectively contribute to desired outcomes, create better relationships and learn to broach challenging conversations.

For whom: All leaders

Duration: Half day workshop

Objective: Understanding how operational effectiveness can have an impact on making decisions.  This workshop will help you harness the potential of your teams, build confidence,  increase efficiency (better allocation of resources) and recognise early signals of change and adapt quickly

For whom: All team leads

Duration: Half day workshop


Objective: Understanding the criteria for a high value creating team.

You will learn to:

  • analyse the quality of team competencies and their dynamics
  • mobilise individuals around a common vision
  • focus your energy effectively to develop each individual, and the team as a whole, in service of the organisation and all its stakeholders
  • co-create the rules of engagement, develop active listening and build trust and psychological safety in your teams (team foundations)
  • develop an understanding of conflict management and toxic behaviours

For whom : Executives, Directors and Line Managers (up to 12 people)

Duration: Full day or half day workshop

Objective: Clarification of your ecosystem and its internal and external dynamics and preparing for future challenges.

Types of workshops:

  • Stakeholder Mapping – identifying your key internal and external stakeholders
  • Appreciative Inquiry – how to leverage your successes and what’s already working for you and amplify them across your projects or daily work
  • Future foresight – how to look for and recognise the signs of trends which are emerging

For whom: Top level and line Managers (up to 8 people)

Duration: 1-2 day workshops

Objective:  To develop the three intelligences needed for a team to create value for all: emotional, social and collective intelligence.

What you will gain: Our workshops on conflict management and relationship building raise awareness of the behavioural patterns that help or hinder teams from working effectively together.  They will individually and as a team  :

  • learn to manage tensions skilfully and broaden their own perspectives
  • increase their confidence and psychological safety
  • work better together, challenge each other
  • create a solid foundation for unleashing ideas, creativity and innovation
  • promote a sustainable CSR strategy
  • free up time for managers who can concentrate on achieving objectives that are in the general interest of the organisation rather than individual interests

For whom: All executives, managers and their teams

Duration: to be defined together as needed


Objective: Understanding sustainable development and its usefulness for the company and align the COMEX around the new challenges.  (Re) define the ambition, the roadmap and the communication elements that will involve all employees

For whom: Any Executive Committee that wishes to integrate CSR objectives into the company’s operations.

Duration: 3 hour workshop in person or virtual

Objective: This action-oriented workshop, using the tool Doughnut Design for Business, focusses on the deep design of business and helps you and your company engage in a transformative agenda of becoming regenerative and distributive in your strategy, operations, and impacts.

What you will gain:  Central to the tool is the concept of enterprise design: a company’s Purpose, Networks, Governance, Ownership, and Finance.  Identifying your design layers will give you an understanding of the strategic decisions and operational impacts of your businesses.  It reveals both design blockages that prevent transformative action, and design innovations that can unlock its possibility.

For whom : Leaders who have a basic understanding of Donut Economics and understand planetary boundaries and social foundations. You have  decision making capacity and would like to identify the current context of their business and start the journey of mapping where they would like their business to go in the future.

Duration: 5 hour workshop

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“One’s got to change the system or one changes nothing”

George Orwell

Each of us is an ecosystem which is impacted by factors such as our health, our families and friends, our work, our beliefs, spirituality or connection to nature.  The same applies to organisations. Their ecosystems are impacted by all their stakeholders and the relationships between those stakeholders (individual employees, teams, departments, communities, investors, suppliers, clients or beneficiaries and the environment).  Organisations and individuals are also impacted by the economy, technology, politics or the environment.

Systemic team coaching recognises that for any change to be sustainable and impactful, all these relationships need to be taken into account.  Change may have a positive or a negative impact on another area of your business or another stakeholder so it is important to have a full picture of the ecosystem and the impacts of changes.


We identify and agree at the start of a relationship measures for return on investment.  Systemic Team Coaching will accelerate the transformation towards a sustainable future.

It will STRENGTHEN your organisation by:

  • Taking into account multiple stakeholder needs – people, planet and profit – to sustain business and benefit shareholders
  • Maximising the use of the organisation’s resources: reducing waste, increasing efficiency and effectiveness, building partnerships and ensuring good governance
  • Establishing a collaborative, trustworthy and responsible environment, enabling organisations to adapt to unexpected challenges or disruptions
  • Encouraging a planning horizon that reinforces stakeholder returns
  • Challenging organisational assumptions, habits and models to ensure adaptability and flexibility



  • It builds leadership capacity throughout the organisation
  • Employees are more aware, action oriented and accountable.
  • They feel like they belong and need less “managing”
  • Collaborative, trustworthy and inclusive environments improve communication, increase productivity and improve employee satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction attracts and retains more talent and enables greater success in the deployment of more innovative strategies
  • Satisfied, productive and motivated employees serve customers better, driving higher profit & revenues.

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